In this video we’re going to discuss 10 different Passive Income Ideas and they are updated, fully tested and great for 2021.

I explain 10 different ways to get passive income in detail and I get into the specific methods and business models.

Here’s one of them right off the bat:

There are services that sell a $17,000 a month service to companies and you can get a 20% commission for the customer you referred to them using a clever strategy utilizing Youtube or Medium! Now you’re getting a recurring commission every month and those companies use the service for years! The particular company I am referencing is a high converting SEO offer/company, they specialize in search engine optimization.

And the best thing about this amazing miraculous group of individuals is that they guarantee the rankings or you don’t pay at all! You only pay once you are ranking, so the conversion rate is amazing!

The company really has nothing to lose.. and here’s the thing, they guarantee rankings for some of the toughest keywords on the planet:

Wwork from home, six pack abs, mortgage companies, the list goes on & on. They will charge the company upwards of $17,000 and sometimes $25,000 a month depending on the keyword after they’ve ranked their company in the search engines.

Now if you were to refer a buyer like that to this company and the customer stays on, you would receive a 10 to 20% commission every month.

Crazy right? so to put that in perspective, if you refer a buyer to this company and ended up paying them $17,000 a month for their ranking on Google, you would receive a $3400 commission every month until they cancel. And this is just from that keyword!

They will pay you every month! And the best part? you could have multiple companies that signed up through your link, who are paying for MULTIPLE keywords..

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