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in this video marcus talks about what he learned spending over 1.4 million dollars on paid advertising platforms like facebook, adwords, and more.

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Here are the tips

millions on paid ads, what did i learn

1. people want information fast… they are skimming your websites and blogs to find what they want

if they cannot find it at a glance in 3 seconds or less… they leave

2. you can quickily and easily typecast an audience and find out what thier most important pain points are so you can sell to them and get them to click your affiliate offers

3. pay per click marketing is 100% controllable and manageable… you can start with less than $50 and get a snapshot of just about any market

4. direct solutions are best “remove items from credit report” “how to publish a book” “hard drive not working”

post the answers that lead people into where you want them to go

5. ask for the click

on your website and in your ads

6. using ppc marketing you can build a mailing list extremely fast… put your best offer on the thank you page and recoup your investment as you go

7. deep keyword research will make or break your campaign

8. small targeted ad groups with 3-5 keywords max

9. use your keywords in your ad

10. get a custom domain and site for each separate niche market

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