10 Types of Domains To Flip For BIG Profits
For full tutorial on how to flip domains for a profit, please see other video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_DVpGtjY9E

In this video I will cover 10 types of domains to buy and sell for big profits. These are in no particular order.

These formulas are based on domains that are in demand are therefore easy to sell so you can quick flip your domains instead of waiting too long.

First type of domain is called the Location + Niche .com and is one of the best because these types of domains are so clear and specific that you can’t go wrong with them, and business owners die for these types of domains.

The second type of domain is called Firstname + Niche .com, as can be very lucrative as well as long as you choose a common name, as that means a lot of potential buyers.

Domain flipping is not that hard if you just understand how to put words together and use the right tools. Make sure to take action on this and buy cheap domains and sell them as premiums.

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