in this video marcus shows you how to make money simply by finding coupon codes and posting them online with your affiliate links.

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today we are talking about making money by finding coupons.

honey app (4 billion dollars) link in the description.

so here is the deal…

you have tons of sites getting tons of traffic like

retailmenot with over 27 million visitors a month

thecrazycouponlady with over 5 millions visitors a month

bradsdeals with over 13 million visitors a month

these websites are making a ton of cash simply by finding coupons

check this out… there are even some youtubers like…

free stuff finder with over 10 million views

christa coupons with 19 million views

and couponing with kayla with over 1 million views

they are all making money just by showing people how to save money.

pretty simple right?

i actually had a website a few years ago that showed people how to save money on gas prices and made hundreds of thousands of dollars with it before selling it.

all you have to do is find what coupons people are searching for… and post them on your website or blog.

heck… you don’t even need a website… you could simply share coupon codes with people on facebook in money saving groups, people on forums looking to save money, or even on reddit, and other sites…

then you simply link them to your affiliate link and you get paid when they buy stuff.

pretty simple right?

but theres something you can do to take it a step further and grow your income exponentially.


and according to ahrefs… there are over 32,000 keywords with a competition super low competition score… which means this traffic is easy to get…

MARCUS… i dont believe you… traffic is hard to get.

well… on a previous 5 minute friday i put a post up for cheesy gordita crunch calories… it was a test post with no content…

and its already ranking in google!

so if i can do that with no content and without even trying… i think you can too.

to post them on social media… simply grab your affiliate link… post it like this… add the coupon code… and bam when they click and order you get paid.

to do this on youtube… just add your affiliate links in the description or link to your own website…

and on your blog… use this simple code (link in the description) this will automatically open your affiliate link when they click to get the coupon code… many coupon sites use this and rake in BIG money.

if you want to do this the right way… be niche about it…

you could get a domain like mytechcoupons or cigarcouponfinder or even mymakeupcoupons

you can set your blog up at… they even give you your first domain free.

and you can be a coupon blogger… help people save money… and get paid.

watch my other videos for pro tips on how to make even more money with this method.

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