I will now spend a few hours teaching you the ultimate business plan for 2019. And then watch the ULTIMATE webinar: http://launchcreator.com/training In this video, we’ll go over Intellectual property business, Digital publishing business, Expired domain business, stock photo business, video editing business, website development business, affiliate marketing business, seo business, facebook business, youtube business, sales business, launch business, ecom business, halloween sales, video game sales, building apps, developing and selling software, email marketing business, vendor business, kindle business and many more!

Here is some chronological direction:

00:00 Intro
12:24 erase the whiteboard
12:51 Drive and vision
18:05 Energy Distribution & time
24:09 Post it notes
26:00 Basic Rules
37:00 Hardware Software
37:30 Sales
38:45 Business model

This is the FULL transparent guide to developing and scaling an online business from start to finish. Complete with 42 business ideas and full business plan. Make sure to subscribe and ask me questions in the comments and I will be sure to answer!

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