Domain Detail
TYPE: TLD dot com
REGISTRAR: Godaddy.com
Current Status: hosted/blog/parked
URL: http://www.lockadult.com
Status: Available To Purchase
Age: 1 year registered 2017
Traffic: Unknown
Valuation : Estibot $ xxx (bot indication only)
Lower Case: lockadult . c o m
Upper Case: LOCKADULT . C O M
Length: 2 Words + TLD = 2 Words
Industry 1st Category: adult
Industry 2nd Category: security
Keywords: lock, adult

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Domain no website: Domain only
Description: LOCKADULT.COM is a Premium Name Domain.
This is a generic name suitable for multimedia business.

Make Offer: istworld@hotmail.com

ADULTMATCH.COM SOLD SEPTEMBER 2010 $95,000.00 http://dnpric.es/?dn=adultmatch.com
$55,000 http://dnpric.es/?dn=adultmeet.com
ADULTMART.COM SOLD FEBRUARY 2005 $14,120 http://dnpric.es/?dn=adultmart.com
ADULTDIRECTORYCOM SOLD OCTOBER 2008 $14,120 http://dnpric.es/?dn=adultdirectory.com
ADULTMARKET.COM SOLD NOVEMBER 2012 $8,832.00 http://dnpric.es/?dn=adultmarket.com
ADULTPARTY.COM SOLD JANUARY 2011 $7,000 http://dnpric.es/?dn=adultparty.com
ADULTBUSINESS.COM SOLD SEPTEMBER 2012 $6,599 http://dnpric.es/?dn=adultbusiness.com
ADULTLIFE.COM SOLD JANUARY 2011 $6,000 http://dnpric.es/?dn=adultlife.com
ADULTLINK.COM SOLD SEPTEMBER 2012 $6,000 http://dnpric.es/?dn=adultlink.com

UNLOCK.IT SOLD JUNE 2012 $6,000 http://dnpric.es/?dn=unlock.it
FILELOCKER.COM SOLD OCTOBER 2012 22,250 http://dnpric.es/?dn=filelocker.com

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