Domain Detail
TYPE: TLD dot com
REGISTRAR: Godaddy.com
Current Status: redirected
URL: http://www.xrsimulate.com
Status: Available To Purchase
Age: 1 year registered 2017
Traffic: Unknown
Valuation : Estibot $ xxx (bot indication only)
Lower Case: xrsimulate . c o m
Upper Case: XRSIMULATE . C O M
Length: 2 Words + TLD = 2 Words
Industry 1st Category: retail
Industry 2nd Category: advertising
Keywords: wear, marketing
Domain no website: Domain only
Description: XRSIMULATE.COM is a Premium Name Domain.
This is a generic name suitable for business in the VR 360 industry.

Make Offer: istworld@hotmail.com

Previous relevant domains names sold.
note : These names are not for sale they are the final sale prices.

3DMODELS.COM SOLD NOVEMBER 2010 €25,000.00 http://dnpric.es/?dn=3dmodels.com
€20,000 http://dnpric.es/?dn=3dworld.com
3DVIDEO.COM SOLD DECEMBER 2013 $20,000.00 http://dnpric.es/?dn=3dvideo.com
ISIMULATE.COM SOLD NOVEMBER 2013 $5,000 http://dnpric.es/?dn=isimulate.com
SIMULATEDREALITY.COM SOLD FEBRUARY 2011 $2,388.00 http://dnpric.es/?dn=simulatedreality.com

GOLFSIMULATORS.COM SOLD MARCH 2006 $41,500 http://dnpric.es/?dn=golfsimulators.com
ISIMULATE.COM SOLD NOVEMBER 2013 $5,000  http://dnpric.es/?dn=isimulate.com
3DSIMULATION.COM SOLD JULY 2011 $4,788 http://dnpric.es/?dn=simulate.com
SIMULATIONDEPRET.COM SOLD MARCH 2011 $3,450  http://dnpric.es/?dn=simulationepret.com
FLUGSIMULATOR.COM SOLD APRIL 2010 2,400 http://dnpric.es/?dn=flugsimulator.com
MOTIONSIMULATION.COM SOLD JANUARY 2008 $2,625 http://dnpric.es/?dn=motionsimulation.com
SIMULATEDREALITY.COM SOLD FEBRUARY 2011 $2,388 http://dnpric.es/?dn=simulatedreality.com
POWERSIMULATOR.COM SOLD SEPTEMBER 2007  $2,100 http://dnpric.es/?dn=powersimulator.com
INDOORGOLFSIMULATOR.COM SOLD DECEMBER 2011 $2,250 http://dnpric.es/?dn=indoorgolfsimulator.com

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