PremiumNameDomain.com was put together to show case the portfolio.

Premium names are the only names that sell and over the years fine tuned the inventory to be of high standard of generic keyword traffic.

PremiumnameDomain.com’s specialty is business related domains our keyword collection of domains focus on domains that are online and business related.  Our primary keywords include: advertising, company, marketing, traffic, webmaster. Our domains relate primarily to these industries.

With 20 years of website and domain marketing experience we have built up a trust and collaborate with many other brokers both offering and receiving advice we continue to be actively networking. With PremiumNameDomain.com you can be assured your dealing with a professional business with ethics. We have Both VIP at Godaddy and Namepros.

Aka Bucko, Lock

Vaughan Buckland


DomainsUsed.com information. DomainUsed.com tools and portfolio.


Ebay Score of 500+ with 100% Positive feedback

NamePros VIP status:  http://www.namepros.com

Godaddy VIP status: http://www.godaddy.com

History references:

Read about the affiliation with MediaMan and the IWA.

http://www.mediaman.com.au/interviews/buckland.html Greg Tingle

http://www.iwawrestling.com.au http://www.jellywrestling.com

Current Sites:

http://www.traffic.tools , http://www.traffic.shopping , http://www.backlinkrz.com ,

DomainsUsed.com information. DomainUsed.com tools and portfolio.


NOTE: I am only here to sell domains and do not take any phone calls from anyone without an appointment. Appointments can be made by email only. Any web designers, developers, marketers if I haven’t emailed you back do not attempt to phone. Unless your buying domains refrain from phone contact.