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Domain Detail
Domain Name: ADULT.MOVIE
TYPE: gTLD dot movie
REGISTRAR: Godaddy.com
Current Status: hosted
URL: http://www.adult.movie
Status: Available To Purchase
Age: 1 year first registered 2017
Traffic: 1 Million+ exact searches
Valuation : Estibot $10,000 (bot indication only)

Valuation : Godaddy $ 1011 (bot indication only)
Lower Case: adult. m o v i e
Upper Case: ADULT. M O V I E
Length: 2 Words + gTLD = 2 Words
Industry 1st Category: adult
Industry 2nd Category: movie
Keywords: adult, movie

Adult Swim
Adult Coloring Pages
Adult Coloring Books
Adult Halloween Costumes
Adult Onesie
Adult Onesie Pajamas
Adultery Means
Adult Adhd
Adult Protective Services
Movie Theaters Nearby
Movie Theater
Movies Out Now
Movie Tavern
Movie Times
Movies In Greensboro
Movies 2018
Movie Theater Near Me

Domain no website: Domain only
Description: ADULT.MOVIE is a premium name domain.
This is a generic name suitable for business in the adult niche.

Make Offer: istworld@hotmail.com

Previous relevant domains names sold.
note : These names are not for sale they are the final sale prices.

ADULTMATCH.COM SOLD SEPTEMBER 2010 $95,000.00 http://dnpric.es/?dn=adultmatch.com
$55,000 http://dnpric.es/?dn=adultmeet.com
ADULTMART.COM SOLD FEBRUARY 2005 $14,120 http://dnpric.es/?dn=adultmart.com
ADULTDIRECTORYCOM SOLD OCTOBER 2008 $14,120 http://dnpric.es/?dn=adultdirectory.com
ADULTMARKET.COM SOLD NOVEMBER 2012 $8,832.00 http://dnpric.es/?dn=adultmarket.com
ADULTPARTY.COM SOLD JANUARY 2011 $7,000 http://dnpric.es/?dn=adultparty.com
ADULTBUSINESS.COM SOLD SEPTEMBER 2012 $6,599 http://dnpric.es/?dn=adultbusiness.com
ADULTLIFE.COM SOLD JANUARY 2011 $6,000 http://dnpric.es/?dn=adultlife.com
ADULTLINK.COM SOLD SEPTEMBER 2012 $6,000 http://dnpric.es/?dn=adultlink.com

UNLOCK.IT SOLD JUNE 2012 $6,000 http://dnpric.es/?dn=unlock.it
FILELOCKER.COM SOLD OCTOBER 2012 22,250 http://dnpric.es/?dn=filelocker.com

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