2014 Cyber Security Session 27 – Domain Name System (DNS): Asset or Achilles Heel?

Education Session 27 – Domain Name System (DNS) – Network Security Asset or Achilles Heel?
Speaker: Arya Barirani, Vice President, Product Marketing, Infoblox, Inc.

Description: The DNS is a key building block of the Internet which is fast becoming one of the top-rated vectors for external (“outside-in”) attacks on the infrastructure and internal (“inside out”) attacks from malware. Most IT professionals know very little about the DNS and, subsequently, have done little to protect this critical asset. This session will discuss common vulnerabilities and attack surfaces, different types of DNS threat vectors, and security strategies/techniques to mitigate for this oft ignored security threat to network architecture. If built into a project plan from inception, the right network architecture can be designed to protect against the multitude of DNS attack vectors.

Intended Audience: Directors, IT managers

This video was filmed at the Sept 23, 2014 Cyber Security Symposium in Sacramento, CA

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