DomainSherpa Discussion – Mar 12, 2014 with @AdamDicker @TheDomains @JoeDomains @DomainKing

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This is the show where we discuss domain name industry news with a panel of veterans and thought leaders.

In this DomainSherpa Discussion:
* Question from the audience: is a firstname.newTLD worth registering?
* Question from the audience: should I have business insurance for accidental domain name registration of a trademark?
* gives away 5,000 domain names if you build a website
* takes-back properly registered domain names because they were on a reserved list but accidentally were sold — this happened to TWO Sherpas on today’s panel
* Is the TMCH system being “gamed” by people to register generic domain names in new TLDs
* A new database of domain name historical sales is available
* How Page Howe made his domain name go from zero to $11,000 on
* And more!

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