DomainSherpa Review After Show – Nov 21, 2013 with @AdamDicker @MediaOptions @JoeDomains @DomainKing

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In this DomainSherpa Portfolio Review AFTER SHOW, we discuss the topics that the panel of Sherpas is interested in.

In the aftershow:
* How much is the value of a .CO compared to a .COM, especially in the case of Stenographer discussed in today’s Review?
* How did Andrew Rosener of Media Options buy MO.CO, for how much (Michael Cyger asks), and what are Rosener’s plans to use it?
* Are the new 844 toll-free numbers worth speculating on? We ask Rick Schwartz.
* Adam Dicker has a domain name suggestion of our “domain gang”. Find out what it is.
* How will Page Howe be focusing his business on websites, rather than domains, in the future?
* Should Rick Schwartz expand to include shill bidders in domain name marketplaces? Sound off.
* And more.

We’re joined by four Domain Sherpas: Adam Dicker, Andrew Rosener, Page Howe and Rick Schwartz.

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