DomainSherpa Review – August 11, 2014:,,, Don’t Buy…

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Get into the minds of the Sherpas with the DomainSherpa Review!

* An investor’s portfolio is reviewed and appraised:, and…
* Domain names going to auction at NameJet are valued:, and,…
* Adam Dicker is the top Sherpa on the mountain in the “Name That Price” game

For each domain name portfolio, the Sherpas answer:
* Which domains are valuable, and in what way?
* What is the market value (both wholesale and retail) of the best domain names?
* Which domains are worthless and should be dropped?
* Which domain names may invite legal issues, such as a UDRP case or cybersquatting lawsuit?
* Which domains do our Sherpas want to make an offer on?

We’re joined by three Domain Sherpas: Adam Dicker, Andrew Rosener and Page Howe.

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