How to Choose a Blog Topic the Best Way – How to Choose a Blog Topic the Best Way

Do you want to learn the best way to choose a blog topic?

Picking a blog topic for your blog and also a corresponding domain name is often something that a lot of people get stuck on.

As a Blogger for almost 9 years now, I’ve tried many different strategies for choosing blog topics and domains, but only ONE strategy has stood the test of time.

I share this strategy in this video, and I show you exactly what to do in order to pick your blog topic TODAY so that you can stop stressing out about topic selection and start blogging.

I also wrote a more in-depth blog post and created a cheatsheet which you can download here:

Also, if you’ve been wondering how to make money blogging, I recommend checking out my other video which answers that question here:

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March 29, 2015 · 6:12 am

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