How to make a WordPress website – With your own domain name – steep by steep tutorial

In this tutorial i describe step by step how easily you can a make a website whithout knowledge of code or other skills!How to make free WordPress website – WordPress free website -whith a free domain and not a sub domain! In this specific tutorial, I show you how to make a free WordPress website with your own domain (not sub-domain) without paying a cent! With free host service.
With proper development and forward-looking design, WordPress gives you the ability to easily update the content of your pages without knowledge of HTML or CSS. Using a simple editor you can add, remove, and modify the content of your site. In addition, it is not a sub domain! In this tutorial, I show you how to make a free WordPress website with your own domain (not sub-domain) without paying a cent! With free host service, .WordPress is known for its simplicity and usability. It is easy to learn and has a clean and simple administration interface to help the average user can meet in the process of updating and maintenance of the website. If you can write a text in Word, then you can do in WordPress. The creation of the website (web design) is the first and perhaps the most important step for your Internet presence. Your website must be beautiful (good design), functional, user-friendly and search engines (seo friendly & web standards) and highlights suitable the product or services of your business. As in, our time the internet has become increasingly dominant among the means of advertising and communication, it is very important for a business/company or even a private (e.g. author, photographer, athlete etc.) to have a correct and exuberant presence in this medium. IE has a stylish, functional and unique website. Our goal is to give you the necessary presence taking into account the profile and needs of your organization and adopting the corresponding style that will suit you and at the same time will make you stand out from other similar companies. our primary concern is to conclude within a reasonable period of time the construction of your website having first guided and informed by you for exactly what you want to view, and how. We believe that aesthetics plays a dominant role in the construction of a website must not interfere with the functionality and ease of use. A website should be able to evolve and to meet the requirements of the web that is constantly changing. WordPress is a flexible system, which allows you to not only add new features and functionality to your site but also even to reconstruct from scratch or to give a new aesthetic without losing your content. To WordPress uses pervasive technologies (PHP, SQL, and HTML) and has no special requirements in customization and installation. This makes your site easy to host almost from any server. Now we construct Art About in even the simplest websites using WordPress as their owners to take advantage of all of the above benefits.

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