The Importance Of Domain Name Choice

Carl: Hi, I’m Carl Fechner from Auto Sales Online and Internet Secrets Made Easy and this is Monday Minute. We provide small business owners with turnkey solutions to capture, convert and close more prospects using multi-channel marketing systems to unlock the power of the internet and dominate their niche in the marketplace.
And today what I want to talk about is the choice of domains. And this is where most dealers or most business owners forget or don’t realize the importance and power of the domain name. Now, what I mean by this, if your name is Fred Blog’s Plumbing, that is completely irrelevant and no one is going to find it. But if you choose the domain name that is your city, your town or your area plumbing services, all of a sudden, the domain changes. In other words, we’re just registered in one called Cheap Used Cars Sydney. So, the name itself suggests what it is.
The choice and correct choice of a domain name will help you with SEO, your search engine optimization, organic ranking and so many other things in your keyword search.
This is Carl Fechner from Internet Secrets Made Easy and this is another Monday Minute.

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May 5, 2015 · 6:57 am

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