in this video marcus shares his 5 step checklist for determining if a program, course. or “guru” is right or you.

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Affiliate Marketing Fake Guru Checklist

1. hypey sales pitches that couldnt possibly be true
2. no real experience in something YOU could use
3. BLIND sales copy or video scripts
4. No disclaimers or “real talk”
5. no support or help because they know it doesn’t work

get real and ask yourself what skill you want to learn from a particular person.

will you set up one website and one ad and get righ overnight… probably not.

focus on what you want to do and follow the money trail… where will you be getting paid from.

before you buy anything ask yourself these questions:

1. is this something i want to do
2. do i know how i am going to get paid
3. are my expectations real and does this make sense

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