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in this video marcus shows you exactly how affiliate marketing works. how you can become an affiliate marketer and where to find affiliate programs.

Who Can Be An Affiliate Marketer?

anyone can be an affiliate marketer… all you need is an idea, a website, an affiliate program and some traffic πŸ™‚

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate marketing is getting paid to promote something indirectly by the means of an affiliate link, banner, or hosted form.

affiliate places link on website or blog, customer clicks link, “cookie” is placed on the visitors computer, when the customer makes the desired action… you get paid.

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affiliate networks handle all the links cookies and tracking for many different companies and affiliate offers.

Adsense does this all with a hosted script… the script contains the code that shows the ads on the site as well as tracks your ID.

Where Do Affiliate Marketers Find Customers?

anywhere and everywhere… paid search, free search, facebook, banner ads, video marketing… ect

When Does An Affiliate Marketer Get Paid?

when the desired action occurs (PPC)(PPL)(PPD)(PPC)(PPT)(PPS)(PPCALL)
usually every month
sometimes every week
sometimes every day
How Can I Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer?
get an idea (niche) set up a site or blog… drive your visitors to relevant affiliate offers

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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – (free software)

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