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Whether you are a domain investor, webmaster or business owner, I’ve got something for you.

The hard part? You’ve got to find them..

Then once you’ve got one, you buy it for $9.00 and you start an auction.. the idea is to sell it for many more times than you bought it for.

On this account I’ve got $411,000 in sales
My ebay account, another $300,000 in sales

I try to get something up every week but Im always busy playing music

If you work hard finding them.. it’s easy to sell them.
It would be hard to sell them if you make it easy to find them.

See.. traditional investing meant that you bet on the future growth of what you were investing in, but I’ve always seen certain types of domain names as already holding more value than they can be obtained for.

For instance, I sell a lot of domain names myself for the appraised value to collectors, investors and webmasters that value the domain name even higher than the appraisal. But I always buy them for the basic cost when they become available.

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