In this video we will go over brain exercises for productivity, and I will assess if you are left or right brain dominant, and reveal the best brain exercises to Improve BRAIN Function and Hemisphere Synchronization. This will be necessary to optimize which side of the brain is weaker and perfect for entrepreneurs and online business people.

We are all either right or left brain dominant. You primarily use either the right side, which is the creative one, or the left side, which is the mathematical one.

If you don’t take the time to figure out which one you are, and consequentially pick a model that you don’t necessarily excel at, it might feel like you’re trying to carry a forty-thousand-pound load of cinderblocks up a mountain.

It’s also important to be aware of this secret because once you know which side of your brain is naturally stronger, you can actually optimize your weaker side so that you can achieve much more over time.

Alright, so in this video I’m going to do three things: I’m going to help you assess if you’re right or left brain dominant, then go over some business models you could excel at based upon those results, and then show you how to build up the weaker side of your brain.


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