In this video we’re going to answer this question: Can anyone become rich without start up capital, connections, or luck?

I talk with people who believe that being successful requires some crazy connections or being incredibly lucky.

It drives me crazy because there are ongoing routines and activities that successful people do or have done that struggling people do not do, and making connections with investors for example usually happens after you’ve already proven yourself. No one is just going to throw money at you for no reason.

I hope you get a ton of value out of this video as I attempt to give you the proper mindset to be independently wealthy.

First, put the necessary blinders on to get rid of the voices in your head that say you can’t do something because you don’t have this or that, or because you don’t have a list, or because your location is inadequate or whatever.

Whatever your mindset has been prior to watching this video, I’m sure you’ll agree with most of what I say, and if not, you’ll definitely agree with at least some of what I say.

I have a ton of respect for people who are proud of what they do no matter what it is. Our armed service members, firefighters, or factory workers for example are carrying out very important work.

But if you are unhappy with what you do and don’t think you can achieve anything better, then I’m hoping I can help out a bit and give you some real strategies to help your mindset. If you’ve got a friend that needs help in this area, you could share this with them as well.


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