Kiwi entrepreneur Adrian McKeown learned about .COM investing many years ago, but struggled with its execution. He successfully switched to niche investing in his native New Zealand’s country code TLD (ccTLD) of Then, when he started a new online makeup business, his knowledge of domain values lead him to acquire category killer ccTLD In just 2 1/2 years, he and his business partner have grown the business to annual sales of 7 figures.

On this episode Adrian discusses:
(i) How the credibility of having the EMD category killer lead to key business opportunities
(ii) Understanding his niche in order to build his domain strategy and branding strategy
(iii) Why he’s not switching from the exact match domain to a more brandable domain name
(iv) How he’s now using his drop list knowledge to move into the .com investment market

Investors and entrepreneurs who incorporate domains into brand strategy will benefit from today’s show.

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