CopyBlocks Review – everything you need to know about CopyBlocks.
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00:00 : Intro to this CopyBlocks review
02:09 : Creating a new project in Copyblocks
03:16 : Social Ads Framework
05:10 : AIDA Framework
06:16 : Pain-Agitate-Solution Framework
07:00 : Pain-Gain-Claim Framework
07:25 : Feature To Benefit Framework + Tone of voice
08:20 : Blog Intros
09:04 : Blog Post Outline
10:01 : Blog Post Titles-Articles
10:37 : Quick Recap
10:59 : Video Script Hook & Introduction
12:04 : Cold Email
12:52 : Pricing and OTOs/Upgrades
17:29 : Other AI Copywriting Software Pricing
20:42 : Conclusion

In this video review I’ll show you everything you know about Copyblocks and what it can do for you. We’ll create a new project, test out the social ads, sales copy, blog, video hook and cold email templates inside the Copyblocks AI copywriting software.

With so many AI copywriting softwares out on the market today, you have to wonder why that suddenly is. We’ll talk about Elon Musk’s OpenAI foundation and the GPT-3 technology behind every AI copywriting software.

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