Webinar about Domain Investing 101 and how to find Premium $5k Domains for $10. Making a passive income on selling your domains is a great home based business or laptop life-style. Digital assets discovery tips and domaining secrets are revealed. If you wanted to get into domain flipping, this is a great starting video to watch. All digital real estate starts with a good domain!

I’ll show you how you can get access to attractive and resalesable domains fast and effortlessly. I’ll show you the best strategies for investing in domains. I’ll give you some tools for pricing your domains. I’ll also show you how to sell them for residual income. I’ll show you how to find great domains for sale at wholesale prices… AND I’ll show you an application I developed for myself and am open for Early Access for today.

This software is:
Domain Kicks
Visit: https://domainkicks.com
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About the topics covered in this training:

Top Strategies for domaining
Buy and Hold
High Value Domains
Active Out-Reach
Passive Selling on Marketplaces
Wholesale Markup for Quick Sales

Types of Valuable Domains
Exact Match
Partial Match
GEO related
SEO worthy

Tools to Price your domains
GD Appraisal – https://go.ht/domainworth

Where to Sell For Passive Income (BIN Prices)
Afternic/Godaddy Network
Brandable Marketplaces
(Squadhelp, Brand Bucket, Brandpa)
Online Auctions (Sav.com – NameJet – Namesilo – Park.io)

passive income

Where to Buy at Wholesale Prices?
Godaddy Auctions
(Look for Marketplace Tab Auctions and Closeouts)
Clubhouse App Domain Auctions
Ask other domainers to buy in bulk or trade We Use VidIQ For Our Youtube Optimization: https://vidiq.com/daryl

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