Using Domain Kicks ( to find valuable domains Live on YouTube LIVE! Find “Color Brandables” as Domain Names to build a startup business or flip for profits!

Today, we search in real time for the “colors+keywords” to make some ideal and short brandable domain names!

Feel free to register any domains you find with us or purchase Domain Kicks for yourself!

Use purchase Domain Kicks at

Domain Kicks was created to address the problem that domain investors and founders face when looking for a great domain. There are still millions of great brand names available to register as domain names for flipping or launching your next business. We decided to build our own after trying every tool on the market.

When you click on the Domain Kicks logo, you’ll be served a random word in three columns that you can use as inspiration or see what’s available at random.

Check the Availability of Custom Keywords

Quickly check the availability of custom keywords for popular extensions or create your own list. We’ll let you know what’s available and what’s “taken.” With a single click, you can select the most popular domain extensions.

Prepend/Append Your Favorite Words

A powerful Dream List monitors availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you add a taken domain to your wish list, it will be checked several times per day, and you will be notified as soon as the domain becomes available. Our tool lowers the barriers to acquiring a great domain that you can use to build a brand or sell as an investment.

Use purchase Domain Kicks at

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