As we say on DomainSherpa – all roads lead to domains. And this is a new show related to domains called “Off The Market Forever”, starring Chris Zuiker and James Iles! In this show we focus on the domain space from the lens of end-user acquisitions and upgrades, from the perspective of one the best domain brokers in the world and one of top journalists in the space – both who have unique insight and knowledge of the industry and domains as they relate to end-users.

In this episode, the Sherpas interview Charlie Bullock of to discuss their journey as a company and what led to their upgrade and acquisition of the ultra-premium domain name. Charlie gives amazing insight on how they came to the decision to acquire the domain, the process to obtain it, and gives some detail on how the upgrade has helped from a business standpoint. His story is a testament as to why it’s important for a company to lock up its exact-match domain name before it is “Off The Market Forever”!

So be sure to tune in!

0:00 -Introduction
1:36 – Episode begins with the Grand Opening
2:03 – JT gives out his AKAs to the Sherpas
3:52 – Introduction to special guest Charlie Bullock of and the #Sherpas dive into the background of & what their mission is
6:53 – They discuss the process and products of of scan and products
10:00 – Charlie explains the originals of’s original #domainname and why they decided to go with that domain name when launching
12:30 – Charlie discusses when knew they wanted to take it from a passion project to a serious venture and how that is when they started to think of shifting to to a more brandable premium domain name and how they wanted to scale and expand
18:00 – The Sherpas ask Charlie how the process he chose to acquire the domain name
20:00 – He discusses how important the name is for being taken seriously and especially with funding rounds and the Sherpas jump #DownTheRabbitHole of domains and funding.
26:48 – #MediaOptions sponsor break
27:34 – The episode continues with Charlie explaining how the domain helps open doors, drives a better response rate, and brings the brand instant trust while explaining into the US market
29:45 Charlie explains how using the .com extension in the brand name has had a positive impact
33:35 – The Sherpas discuss how acquiring the premium domain is a foundational piece in doubling down on the brand shift
35:16 – Chris discusses his upcoming book, which will be available soon
41:02 – They discuss the use of #backlinks and how using the .com extension has helped.

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