DomainSherpa Review is the seminal show on the DomainSherpa Network where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors – who we call Sherpas – and talk about the value of domain names. By listening to the Sherpas, we expand our knowledge and understanding so that we can become more successful domain investors ourselves.

In this episode:
(i) The Sherpas celebrate “Sherpaween” and dress up in costumes;
(ii) They play The Domain Game, where they guess what certain domains were bought and sold for and discuss the reasons behind their evaluations. Today’s domains are,, &;
(iii) They review a list of domains about to come up for auction on, including,, &;
(iv) Also, they go behind the mask to talk about some tools and tactics that the Sherpas use when evaluating domain names and much more!

JT is joined by Braden, Ammar, & Jen Sale – so be sure to tune in!!

0:00 – Introduction
1:20 – Special #Halloween bumper
1:42 – Episode begins with the Grand Opening
4:05 – JT gives out his AKAs and the crew discusses their Halloween costumes
9:30 – The #DomainGame begins with a #domain purchase from Braden,
13:50 – The Sherpas discuss the strategy of acquiring some of the lower #TLDs to bolster the portfolio of the premium you own and to offer a backup option to the .com
17:48 – The Domain Game continues with #domainsale from Ammar,
22:30 – The squad discuses adult #domainnames and how they don’t usually sell for as much as people think
27:58 – The Domain Game concludes with a name recently sold on #NameJet,
29:30 – The crew discusses which sold recently for $9,000
32 – JT discusses why he chose to buy his Halloween costumes from, because he trusted them since they have the premium #domain
35:25 – #MediaOptions sponsor break
36:12 – Episode continues with the #namejetgonnajet segment, sponsored by #NameJet
39:10 – Jen gives insight on how she breaks down a #domains list, checking wholesale values,
chance of resale value, check past use etc.
48:00 – The Sherpas discuss how these tools could be used to find buyers of a domain you own
58:30 – The crew dives into buying and selling celebrity & trademarked domains
1:0:15 – Grand Closing
1:21:00 – Special guest Josephine pops in to say hello

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