Go down the domain & crypto rabbit hole with Bitcoin developer & evangelist, Jimmy Song!

In followup to our Charlie Shrem interview, we’re continuing our examination of the unique overlap of crypto and domains. Jimmy is joined by Andrew Rosener, global expert in the domain name market and domain valuations. We explore every rabbit hole :
(i) Living an Antifragile Life
(ii) Is the domain DNS system a potential Achilles heel for crypto’s transactional security?
(iii) How Jimmy’s Bitcoin quote applies to domain name values: “Credible long-term scarcity is why
people buy Bitcoin. In other words, people want Bitcoins because they see it as a good store of
(iv) Jimmy’s famous “magical blockchain dust” comment: Jimmy and Andrew’s thoughts on the 3-5
year trajectory of end-users’ disconnect in understanding crypto and domain name values
(v) The crypto industry’s domain acquisitions: from .io to .com domain names
(vi) Finally, a mega rabbit hole about how many crypto enthusiasts apply the antifragility lifestyle to
their dietary habits

Investors and entrepreneurs who are curious about- or preparing for- the future will benefit from today’s show!

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