In this video I’m going to reveal the ultimate email marketing tips for beginners. And I am going to show you one of the most stupid-easy methods to get free targeted traffic to your website or your affiliate link.

So you’re ready to get some sales, ready to make some commissions.. heck you even have some advertisements ready to go.. but you just can’t get any web traffic..

Heck you try to buy traffic and pay for ads and it just doesn’t work..

Well this method isn’t gonna cost you a cent.. it’s also not gonna take up much time.. at all actually.. so I want to talk about it.

One thing that you do need for this strategy is an opt in a squeeze page or a website with an opt in, so you can get leads!!

Once you have your website set up you’ve gotta have an opt in on the page you send traffic to.. to collect the leads!

Your email marketing also needs to be nurtured and maintained. We are going to go over sending emails, broadcasting, follow up series and purging your list as well.


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