Serial tech entrepreneur, top LinkedIn influencer and globally recognized business leader Matt Barrie sees the domain industry from the inside perspective as CEO of

While we’re specifically discussing Matt’s acquisition of and his strategy in business acquisitions in general, we learn so much about what he sees in the domain industry behind the scenes at Escrow. Plus, because Matt is one of the most brilliant and voluble business minds, this interview is just jam packed with commentary about best approaches for entrepreneurs.

Bonus: released 2 reports this year that we discuss and highlight. We get in depth with Matt reviewing factors influencing current domain name prices and so much more:
(i) Alternative Investing: A Comparison Between Traditional Instruments & Web Domains.
(ii) has begun issuing a regular Domain Investment Index, beginning with this one in Q1

If you’re involved in business acquisitions or interested in the domain industry whatsoever, you want to hear one of the smartest – and most engaging – successful tech entrepreneurs ever!

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