ok get ready… this magic money code can be placed on your websites and blogs to make a ton of cash when done right.

now of course remember when trying to make money online… nothing is guaranteed, we have no idea what you will make, and most people make nothing.

this training will show you a simple code that i have been using for years to get higher conversion, create helpful resources, make tools people can use, and more.

if you do not get a big mind blowing ah ha moment… watch this video several times till you do.

Part 1: how web urls work

Part 2: simple way to make money with the script

PrePop And Aweber

Part 3: the bigger picture

Part 4: making money

you can use this to prepopulate offers
automatically put stuff in boxes of forms
create a simple to use tool
deep link when people search an affiliate site
create helpful resources
get 4X the singups for webinars and new lists
and more

make sure the affiliate offers allow prepopulating and make sure you follow all rules and TOS of offers and pages you create with this code.

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