Digital strategist and SEM Expert Alvin Brown joins us today, along with Andrew Rosener. Much of the Sherpa Network knows Alvin from and, which are publications dedicated to sharing digital disciplines and best practices of buying, selling, development, and investing strategies for domain names.

Today we discuss:
(i) Choosing Amazon affiliate links vs Google Ads vs straight lead gen
(ii) Building sites- deciding if it’s the right choice for your strategy?
(iii) Authority sites vs Niche sites
(iv) Automation & efficiency, including API bots in auction bidding
(v) Separating 2 portfolios by strategy: flipping & long term hold
(vi) Inheritance, death, legal planning for a domain portfolio
(vii) Investing in peer relationships & building up the team
(viii) Plus one or two Profitable Flip stories!

Any domain investor, particularly if trying to make decisions about portfolio strategy, will benefit from today’s show!

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