PAY close attention to this video where i show you how to get paid per click… this is a strategy that if you get… you can make money.

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do not overcomplicate this.

we talk about google adwords, google adsense, getting paid for clicks on your website and how to increase the amount you get paid per click

you can do this by providing good quality information and leading people to tips and advice links that trigger high paying per click ads.

i have been doing this for many years and till now have not really taught it like this. watch this video twice.

REMEMBER: the results are not typical implied or guaranteed and the amounts shown on the google adwords tool do not reflect what you will get paid… it just shows what the advertisers in that market are paying which helps us gauge how much is being spent in that market. most make money online people never make anything.

BE SURE to always follow all the rules of the sites you are posting content on, the rules from the ads or advertisers or you could risk your payment and traffic method.

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