A fascinating show for any startup or entrepreneur, today’s episode discusses a successful, profitable B2B company built in an emerging market, the cannabis market. Whether you have any interest in this particular vertical or not, they’ve taken a classic blueprint for startups in emerging markets and applied it brilliantly to this one. As the cannabis industry is now turning the corner as a serious and viable vertical, Ganjapreneur.com is years ahead of the curve!

Ganjapreneur.com CoFounders Andrew Rosener and Noel Abbott actually met because they were both subject matter experts who gave freely of their time right here on DomainSherpa! As an expert in marketing, Noel discovered the value of domain names in 2013, expanding from his first startup to his second. DomainSherpa producer Mike Cyger introduced Noel to global domain name expert Andrew Rosener, who is also a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. Together they cofounded Ganjapreneur.com and today are making solid profits in the space!

We discuss:
(i) How they’re capitalizing off the fact that the cannabis industry is exclusively using digital media
(ii) Why Trust is so significant in this industry and how much a Domain Name choice contributes to
(iii) A breakdown of each type of player in the cannabis industry and their varied marketing needs
(iv) How a startup’s brand and brand consistency, starting with the domain name, impact the
visualization of the company’s mission
(v) We hear the 2 cofounders talk through an estimated valuation and commit to a solid enterprise
value that the Domain Name itself contributes to the business

Entrepreneurs and startups who plan to or dream of creating a business in an emerging market will benefit from today’s show! Plus, entrepreneurs who want to understand the value of domain names, and anyone interested in the business behind the cannabis industry, will also benefit from today’s show!

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