Are you new to domain investing? Do you have a 5 year plan? Learn how Joshua Reason built up to a steady monthly income of $15-20k in the last 5 years! Plus, hear all the details of two profitable flips from last month!

Joshua Reason from discusses:
(i) Deciding his target ROI range and sell through rate
(ii) Tools & data points he uses to make acquisition decisions & divide his domain investments into
value tiers
(iii) How he uses his background in branding & marketing to choose his investment models
(iv) Adjusting sales strategy for full time domain investing vs part time domain investing
(v) Why he sold a $20-30k domain for $8,000

Josh reveals all the details of two profitable flips from April, both of which
sold within a week of acquisition:
(i) A 5N .COM acquired for $2,000 and the $21,000 sale that came from a tweet
(ii) acquired for $700 and sold via Efty landing page email negotiation for $8,000

New domain investors, investors considering transitions between full and part time, and any investor reviewing their sales strategy will benefit from
today’s show!

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