in this video marcus shows you the results of how much youtube paid me for a 45 day monitization test on my small channel.

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How Much Youtube Paid My Small Channel

Exhibit A: A Video With 3,733 Views
Exhibit B: A Video With 722 Views
Exhibit C: Shocking Results From Just 24 Views

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this video is going to be broken into three specific parts…

part one: understanding how youtube pays and how to get the most from your videos

part two: the results from my 45 day test including statistics you need to understand

part three: how small youtubers can make even more from thier channels

now lets dive in to the 45 day test…

now its important to note that this wasn’t to make money because i already make a ton of money with my youtube traffic. i have done well over 7 figures with my channels…

BUT… the results from this test actually surprised me… and YES you can make a good income with a small channel.

we will show those results in just a minute and some of them are actually pretty shocking… you will also see what i made during my test

FIRST. about earning on youtube and how it works

$15B bout half goes to creators

YES it is possible to make a nice living from a small channel… check out the video in the description to learn more about how that works.

Together, the top 10 highest-paid channels reportedly earned $145 million in 2019–0.96% of YouTube’s ad revenue for the year.

RPM (earnings per 1000 views) – CPM (monetized views per 1000)

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