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in this video marcus will show you how to create a simple software business to make money online.

you will learn how he has made little digital products and software to earn money by selling them and even giving them away.

marcus’ first digital product was a catalog for marketers of a certain company to sell that companies products as an affiliate.

the software took about 20 minutes to create and only 4 seconds to customize for each person… and it fetched $499 per sale!

the sky really is the limit and you can make as many digital products and software tools as you want to earn bigtime.

disclaimer… this is a tutorial video showing you methods that can be used for affiliate marketing… this is in no way a guarantee or implication that you will make anything… while some people make as much as $100K a month with affiliate marketing… its super rare and not to be expected. the majority of would be affiliates barely make anything.

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