In this video we will show you how to get backlinks from Wikipedia, NYtimes, BBC and more through expired domains.
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Watch over my shoulder as I show you the exact steps to find and buy expired domains with high quality backlinks, or in some cases, domains that still receive traffic. All this is done within minutes and super easy to do.

Pass on that link equity, rank higher and get more traffic!

Time stamps:

00:36 1. What are expired domains?
00:53 2. Why are they of value (for SEO)?
01:22 3. Where to find expired domains?
02:17 4. Applying the right settings
04:23 5. How to get a backlink from Wikipedia
07:26 6. How to find high quality domains
14:45 7. How to get backlinks from Wikipedia, NYtimes and BBC
20:48 8. How to find an expired domain with traffic
24:43 9. Redirecting the right way

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