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One of the first things I learned as an affiliate marketer, is that choosing the right affiliate offer to promote can literally make or break your money making efforts…

If you pick an affiliate offer with a lousy sales funnel and tiny commissions, you’re not going to be able earn enough money to cover the cost of advertising, let alone make a profit.

Therefore, it’s important to pick a great affiliate offer with a great sales funnel.

We’re going to be covering the 4 Main Aspects of a Great Affiliate Offer… Starting with the Sales Funnel.

So what we have here is what’s called a “Value Ladder”.

The more a product or a service costs, the higher value it’s going to have.

So we got Low-ticket, Mid-ticket and High-ticket products.

Low ticket products are cheap products priced in the 2 figure range,

Mid ticket products are products priced in the 3 figure range

High ticket are expensive products priced in the 4 figure range or more.

When products offer free trials, or costs between $1 – $9, it’s called a Tripwire, but that’s not important right now.

What’s most important here, is this Ascention right here.

The best affiliate offers out there, always has this “Value Ladder” in their sales funnel, because that’s simply the best way to sell the most and earn the most.

Typically, you’ll come across a something that costs $25, $37 or $49 either as a one-time payment, or as a monthly recurring payment… This is the Low Ticket product, also known as the Front-end offer.

Then, after that, there’ll be an upsell to a product for about $197 or $597…

Then after that, there’ll be a high ticket product being offered at anywhere from $997 to $2497.

And it doesn’t have to stop here… Believe it or not, but there will always be people out there who’s looking for a product or a program to take him to the next level, and he will gladly pay huge amounts of money to get what wants.

The best affiliate programs has high ticket products on the backend, and low ticket or tripwire products in the front-end.

As an affiliate, you should find an affiliate program with a sales funnel like this if possible. Because if you do, you’re going to be able to make a ton of money, compared to just promoting Clickbank products.

So now that we’ve covered how a Sales Funnel should look like, and pricing of products…

Let’s move on to the actual product itself and the commissions.

In case you didn’t know, we’re only interested in promoting Digital Products such as courses, memberships and softwares, that are going to pay us at least 40% commissions.

Anything below 40% for a product (not a service) to me indicates that the company doesn’t really care about their affiliates.

Also, now that we’re talking about commissions, it goes without saying that you should be compensated for every product in the funnel, not just the front-end.

It’s really just a question about “What is fair?”…

I hope you liked this video about how to find the best affiliate offers to promote.

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