Today’s tip is this: How do you — as a domain name owner — increase the value of your domain names by 100, 200, or even 400 percent? That’s the secret I’m going to share with you today. The secret applies to brandable domain names, like flickr or Google or Disquss. I suppose it could apply to keyword-specific domain names like, but not as much.

It’s an idea that came to me when I was buying the domain name for my new publishing website.

Here’s the backdrop:
• Every year, there are 6 million new US businesses formed.
• Each needs a company name, and most need a domain name so they can build a website.
• For each domain name, many businesses will need social media usernames to match, so they can connect with customers in the manner most preferred by their customers.

You can read the full story on why we selected DomainSherpa as our company name at

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