In this video I’m going to show you how to sell domain names using 6 different unique and powerful methods. Then let’s sell a TON of domains TOGETHER:

All six methods only require a minimal investment of your time and money. I’ve sold hundreds of domain names myself from 100 to $5000 a pop and up to three hundred and thirty six thousand dollars flipping whole websites.

So let’s jump into it and Im going to show you how to sell some domain names.

Method #1:

List your domain on Go Daddy premiums and then advertising your “for sale” listing on YouTube.

Method #2: Flippa dot com! Flippa is an “all in one” auction market place and social network all in one..

Method #3 is selling localized domains!

So for instance, register something like Las Vegas and then pick up the phone, call the pawnshops in Las Vegas Nevada, ask them how much will they give you for the domain.

Method #4: Buy and sell BRANDABLE domain names.

Method #5: Purchase an exact match domain name and then turn your domain name into a BLOG. Do some optimization and SEO to get your blog ranking for that search term..

Method #6: Develop your domain name into a really awesome website..

Ok that’s it for today! This was how to sell domain names for profit in 2021.

II hope to see you in the comments if you have any questions! Make sure to subscribe to this channel for many more educational online business videos. This is Jamie Lewis and thank you for watching!


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