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Knowing how to start a business with no money and/or no technical knowledge can seem incredibly overwhelming.

In this video you’ll learn how to tackle both of these issues with these simple steps:

#1 – GOOGLE! Anything you’ve ever wanted to know is available between Google and YouTube and even if it is spread across multiple websites, you can learn almost anything you want (especially technical skills) for free. Check out YouTube specifically for thousands and thousands of technical training from everything on how to buy a URL to how to set up your email list.

#2 – In terms of lacking finances to pay for starting a business, there are also free tools you can use to build a professional online presence. Go to WordPress.org for a free blog and then use a service like Mailchimp to collect email addresses. What you put on the blog and in the emails comes from you which is always free!

…and if it’s not actually money or technical resources that are standing in your way, and you just for some reason can’t or won’t start your business, then I recommend you check out my free training here on How to Get Anything You Want: https://www.marieforleo.com/how-to-get-anything-you-want.

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