We are now going to turn your toxic friends into rockstars. We all know someone that’s never moved out, never grown up, never accomplishes anything, and doesn’t want to listen to any advice.

They might be incredibly talented, loyal, a very hard worker and all that, but they’re holding on to a belief system that tells them they won’t ever succeed.

They feel they’ve been disenfranchised by their parents, mentor, or boss.

Maybe something happened to them, or they think their gender, race, or religion could be holding them back.

Whatever it is, they’ve solidified and created a false truth that they won’t ever be able to climb the corporate ladder.

So, they might have had years and years of failed relationships, failed projects, maybe even lawsuits and arrests and other terrible things.

This doesn’t need to be a fundamental disagreement between you and your insecure friend.

So I hope I helped! For more strategies and philosophy, make sure to visit OnlineGoldmine and grab the free reports.


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