Stumped on how to use social media for your business without letting it take over your life? In this video, Marie shares four important tips to use social media the way YOU want to and eliminate overwhelm for good.

Watch this video and learn:

1. Why you don’t HAVE to do social. Social media has a lot of benefits, but it’s not right for everyone. If there’s a platform you don’t like, just don’t use it.

2. Less is more. There are SO many platforms out there; it’s going to be hard to do a good job on every single one. Instead, choose one or two, and go all out on those platforms.

3. Get organized and make a schedule. Staying ahead of your social media plan will cut WAY down on how much time you actually spend on the platforms — while still looking active and engaged to your audience.

4. Every open channel is a liability. Stay on top of your social media so customers don’t feel ignored when they reach out. If you can’t keep your eye on every channel, cut back.

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