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Ever wonder how to win an argument when both you and the other person think you’ve got the answer? The solution is actually simpler than you may think. In this video, you’ll learn an easy 2-word phrase you can say any time you’re wondering how to end an argument that seems impossible.

What’s the 2-word phrase? “You’re right.”

Saying this during an argument instantly disarms the other person and calms the heat of the moment.

But what if you don’t actually agree with what the other person is saying and you want to get your point across too? Here’s what I do. I say “You’re right – and I see exactly how you feel that way. It is frustrating/annoying/upsetting when (fill in the blank).”

Then I take a moment and add on with something neutral like, “Another perspective to consider is this…” “Another way to look at this is…” or “I’d love to share what’s happening from my point of view…”

So next time you’re trying to figure out how to end an argument you’re in, remember the simple phrase, “You’re right” and try it out for yourself.

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