The ICA advocates for the rights and interests of domain name registrants and related service companies. To educate the domain name community on one of the proposed models for post-GDPR whois access, they recently held a public webinar with the model’s developers. Watch it here!

Did you know… WIPO developed a post-GDPR whois access model that would allow whois access to many members of the domain name industry. The presentation of the model is brought to you by the ICA.

Listen, as Zak Muscovitch, the ICA’s General Counsel, introduces Michael Palage and Frank Cona, developers of WIPO’s post-GDPR whois access model. Michael is an IP attorney & former ICANN Board Member; and Frank Cona is ADT’s VP, Chief IP Counsel for Privacy, IP, and Corporate Sourcing. Michael and Frank present the model, which they developed in collaboration with WIPO’s Brian Beckham, and answer questions from Zak and the domain name community.

Topics discussed elaborate on whom would be able to have whois access, and how. Whether you’re a domain name broker, registrant, investor, journalist, or researcher, this is likely to impact the way you do your business, so have a listen to find out what happens to domain Whois research after GDPR!

Michael and Frank presented this model at ICANN65 in Marrakesh, and the ICA is now offering the public the opportunity to learn more about it. They discuss:

Are there benefits for registrant identification purposes, domain name portfolio management, and accessing registrar services?
If the WIPO Universal Access Model potentially provides Whois access to:
(i) Secondary marketplaces and escrow services for verification and compliance
(ii) Brokers, agents, journalists, and researchers for due diligence, investigation, and acquisition
(iii) IP, domain name, and business lawyers for domain name disputes and transactions

Check out for more info (watch the full episode here )!

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