On today’s show we examine what I believe is a historic development for the future of the domain industry. Jeff Sass joins us from Names.Club to discuss how their new financing model is impacting both domainers who want to invest and end users who want to pay for a domain, short term or long term, in a different fashion. This is the future. Learn how you can take an option on a domain!

Andrew Rosener also joins us from the domain investor perspective. Our discussion naturally leads to domain valuation and some provoking thoughts on potential developments in this industry in the next 5 years.

When the .CLUB registry listened to feedback on how end users viewed domain assets and preferred to pay for them, they couldn’t get a registrar or marketplace to implement change, so they built Names.Club to do it the end user way.

Names.Club has been so successful as an aftermarket for the past 2 years, including phased expansion to other gTLDs and within aftermarket channels, that they are now opening it to all domain extensions and domain investors.

The key to expanding user adoption is to understand how they perceive the asset and to minimize the organizational change ie the payment process. Andrew Rosener explains why domain valuation standardization is vital to the maturation of the industry as a whole. Andrew makes some insightful predictions about what the future of the domain industry may look like.

Domain investors, registrars and marketplaces who want to hear what’s on the horizon and what change is working, will benefit from today’s show!

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