Make $500 Suggestion Company Names –

In this video I’ll show you how to make anywhere from $100 – $500 suggesting names for companies who need a new name for their business, marketing campaign, brochure or anything else you can think if.

The website is called SquadHelp and will allow you to submit entries for contests launched by business owners in need of a company name.

You can make $100, $200 and even $500 per name suggested and this video will show you exactly how to get started and also how to suggest your first name using squadhelp.

This website used to be free, but now requires a $10 registration fee as the demand for this website has increases over the months and years. That can be a good thing as some people won’t join since it’s not free.

If you do want to make money online by suggesting names, then this could be good for you as you’ll have an advantage over the ones who don’t want to pay the registration fee.

As you’ll see in this video, I submit an entry for one of the contents and in just 5 seconds I come up with a name that I submit which allows me to potentially make $100 for suggesting one name that took me 5 seconds to come up with.

If you wnat to make money by suggesting company names, this video is for you.

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Thanks for watching this video on how to make money suggesting names.

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