At the NamesCon Europe conference in Portugal this summer, 4 of the top minds in domain name valuation discussed what factors influence domain name valuation and how to navigate appraised value versus market value.

Determining the appraised value of your assets is important as you hold your domain name assets. Separate is determining the monetization value: both in what you can draw from the held asset, and what you can expect the market to actually bear at the time of sale.

Braden Pollock moderates a panel of domain name brokers and experts: Ammar Kubba, Joe Styler, Andrew Rosener, and Morgan Linton come together to analyze variables in domain name valuation.

First, hear these experts discuss why you need to be informed about the ICA, of which Andrew Rosener says, “The only thing between you and the loss of your domain is the ICA.”

Then, they discuss:
(i) Wholesale domain prices & liquidity
(ii) Enterprise value (particularly with insights from the recent sale)
(iii) When comps matter, and what may and may not be considered a comparable sale
(iv) The Rosener Equation and what the experts understand
(v) The importance of, and challenges of, refreshing an investment portfolio
(vi) Domain auctions and pricing variations
(vii) JT, Jonathan Tenenbaum from NameJet, jumps in to share insight on the heuristics of domain
auctions and patterns the experts have seen in perceived buyer values too!
(viii) Creating an agreed upon valuation methodology

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