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In this video I’ll demonstrate the PR Rage software and show you how I found and purchased 2 premium domains for $10 each, in less than 5 minutes for each domain.

I found these 2 premium domains appraised at around 1000 dollars each, using the PR Rage software extremely easily.

PR Rage was created by Walt Bayliss, a 7 figure software developer who partnered with Gene Pimentel who has been domaining aka domain flipping for 15 years full-time.

In this PR Rage review you’ll see exactly how I found 2 premium domains and how easily you can too.

This software handles all the hard research work when it comes to finding expired or soon-to-expire domains you can pick up for cheap and sell more expensive.

With the PR Rage software, you also get tutorials and step-by-step training videos, interviews and additional academy training to equip you with the knowledge you need to flip domains for a profit.

The great thing about this software and course is that anybody can get started, without prior experience and start earning like the big guys do.

If you enjoyed this PR Rage review, you can also check the full written review and get additional bonuses for free.

To get my PR Rage bonus, just go to the page at the top of the description and checkout using that page.

Everything you need to know to make money online domaining is included in this software.

I hope you enjoyed this PR Rage review!

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Thanks for watching.

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